Pinewood Derby Car Race

The session theme for January was Physics, and at it’s conclusion, Camp hosted a Derby Car Race.

Boys and staff created some unique cars.


Physics – The science of matter and energy and their interaction. Physics was originally called natural philosophy. A wedge shape blade converts a forward movement to part an object. Nail clippers are a type of wedge. They are also Levers. An elevator is a single pulley lifting machine. A car is raised and lowered by a cable running over a pulley at the top. On the other end of the cable is a counter weight to help balance. R. M. – Discoverer


"Drivers, start your motors..."


I was reading a book about derby car racing and I realized how extreme people can be. I mean this guy takes derby cars to a whole new level. He makes 2 so if 1 has a speed error he has another one. He also sands his wheels and axles. But there is always opposites in this world so I guess the earlier guy is better than a guy who buys the block and makes a junky car and doesn’t sand it very well. So I guess my lesson is whatever you do put effort into it. A. E.– Discoverer

Physics in action!


Physics is not my favorite subject but there are a few people that used to like it a lot. I’ll talk about some of them. Archimedes, a Greek inventor that discovered many basic principles of physics. He also invented a number of different measuring techniques Galileo in Italy discovered the law of falling bodies and the law of pendulum. He also started to make telescopes to observe the heavens. Sir Isaac Newton of England started laws of motion and gravitation during the late 1600’s. He also demonstrated that white light is made up of all colors. Wilhelm Roentgen of Germany discovered X-rays in 1895. The use of X-rays help doctors diagnose illness and injurys and helped medicine. Marie Curie of France made many advances in the study of radioactivity. In 1898, she and her husband, Pierre, discovered the radioactive element radium.

All their work has been so important to our work now that they are the base on which we build our physics on today. K. A. – Discoverer

Race night - an exciting finale to the session.


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