Turkey-in-the-Hole 2012 (Thanksgiving at Camp)

Lots of spirit (enthusiasm) is put into Camp’s annual Turkey-in-the-Hole. For weeks ahead of the date, the groups and Supervisors prepare by splitting wood, hauling it to the site, and digging the hole. Here’s a camper’s description of the festivities.

Turkey in the Hole

  Fall!! The word brings lots of things to people’s minds. Some people might think about raking leaves, cooler weather, or even deer season. But one of the first things that comes to my mind at the thought of fall is “Turkey in the Hole”!!! The mere thought of “Turkey in the Hole” drives me crazy with excitement.  First of all one evening in Chuckwagon we smear butter all over the turkeys. After we put spices on them, we fill them up with ice to make them juicy.

Preparing the turkeys with butter, spices, and ice.

After we do all that messy work we wrap them about 12 times with aluminum foil, and put wire around them to keep it together and so that we can pick them up when they are done cooking.

Finishing up with aluminum foil and a wire handle.

We get up early the next morning and hike up the mountain to where a blazing fire awaits us. Chief Larry’s, Chief Joe’s, and Chief Kevin’s are there and have a good fire started over the hole we dug earlier. Their fire definitely needs some of our help, so we heave armload after armload of wood onto it so it blazes higher.

Everyone helps build Turkey-in-the-Hole fire.

We all take turns fanning the fire till we get too hot and have to back away. We even sing a few songs. Then we all sit there talking and enjoying the hot chocolate and donuts.

Hard work makes donuts and hot chocolate doubly appreciated!

We take one last look at the fire leaping into the black sky and walk down the hill to campsite. Then we crawl back in our beds and doze off dreaming about that good turkey we wrapped up. Later that morning when the fire has died down, we put those juicy turkeys in their simmering grave to cook as the day progresses. They will be in that dusty cradle for eight hours. We will take them out of the hole and escort them to Chuckwagon where they will be cut up and be ready for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. If you still don’t understand why “Turkey in the Hole” is such a blast, then you have to try one, and see for yourself why we look forward to it so much.  J. M. – Discoverer

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