Discoverers’ Manistee River Trip

The Discoverer group hits the Manistee River

Flip and Cold

Well today we flipped and it was cold. What happened when it flipped was funny. It was me, T.J. and Joe. We were going down the river in a little bit of a current. Well, I’m not going to say but somehow the back paddle flew out and the canoe went sideways and T.J. leaned and pop, pop, pop, we were out. I personally made sure my hat was still on and I started looking for my tackle box. I heard T.J. saying, “Get on the canoe,” as he sat there on top of the flipped canoe. I was freezing and looked across the water and Joe was walking on the water. Well I found my tackle box was safe, and we got new clothes on and were on our way. Zachary H.

The BI-POLAR River

The Manistee river is bipolar. Yesterday the river was nasty. Today the river was calm and pleasant. I even started fishing. Either the river was nice, or I was not as nervous today. I saw some nice big sucker carp. Hatfield and I were fishing and he cast into the current. He had it about ten or fifteen feet away and he started raising a holler. The fish he hooked into then jumped out of the water and spit out the hook. The fish was a walleye. We are going back and catching it. It is going to taste great. T.J.

Canoeing the Manistee River

This morning at around 9:50 we put our canoe in the water and started paddling. The current was going at a good pace this forenoon which saved our paddles. We had a couple times where we almost tipped the canoe, but since people realized they had brains and used them we regained our balance and were fine. There was a time when my canoe got stuck on a log and we couldn’t get it unstuck, being inside the canoe, so one of my canoe partners jumped out of the canoe in cold water and got it unstuck. At about lunchtime we found a place to pull of the river where we ate lunch. We also took siesta there. We found 2 pairs of shoes in pretty good shape there. We then started canoeing again but the current started getting a lot slower. We did more paddling and the water was also a lot calmer. We had a couple close calls today but with people communicating and teamwork we did pretty good. Joe

Beautiful canoeing weather

Day 4

We got up to a good fish breakfast and fig bars. Then we packed the canoes. Then we canoed for 3 hours. Then we ate lunch in the canoes and had siesta in our canoes. It was cool. Then we had some races; it was cold. After that we came to the back of Tippy dam at 2:30. Then we unloaded the canoes and we walked them to camp. It was 100 feet long but we made it. It was hard but us men made it work. Then we set up our tents and went swimming. It was cold but I was fine. I looked like a man; Chief Peter looked like a penguin but he was cool. Then we cleaned the canoes and had fun with them. It was funny. Then we went up that big hill to a big warm fire. It felt good to me. Then we are making supper. Can’t wait. Caleb

The hard work of porting

 This morning was the hardest time of my life. We had to take our canoes ½ mile around Tippy dam to report our canoes. The first trip was with 2 heavy canoes. That was the worst of them all. The other 2 were a lot better. Then we all took off & went about 5 hours down a river full of dying salmon to our campsite. When we got there we did our chores and our articles. When we were done we went fishing. Then we had supper and powwow and went to bed. Zach M.

Day #6

We left in the late morning and the rain stopped half ways so we could operate properly. It rained all night and my tent is not 100% water proof so it got a little wet in there and yet there is more. There was a 4 inch root in my back so sleep was a little hard. But God blessed us with a great day and warm weather so we could fish, set up tents, and have a good time. So even if your night was bad don’t make your day bad too. Keaton

Furbearers in Michigan

  Michigan is home to an abundance of furbearers. On our trip down the Manistee River we saw evidence of several different specimens. At one campsite we found several beaver chews. Another day we passed a big marshy area that had several slides along the bank. Our best sighting was when we were paddling downstream Tuesday morning and Zachary spotted a mink running along the bank. As soon as the mink realized we spotted him, he dove into some tree roots growing along the river’s edge. We soon saw him peeking through a gap at us. The little white patch on his throat gave him away. Then we paddled out of sight. That mink reminded me of days gone by when I used to trap. There’s no place like being in the outdoors enjoying the nature. Chief Randall


The Manistee River in Michigan at sunset



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