Boys’ Articles from December Session

Traveling Currency

Have you ever sat down with a dollar bill and wondered, “Where has this thing been in his time,” or maybe you’ve wondered, “How many things has this thing seen that I haven’t?” I mean who knows when it was printed. For all you know that bill could have been the President’s. Well money is anything that is accepted by people in exchange for something else. So if I traded my shirt for a fishing lure, that makes my shirt money. Gold and silver used to be the universal currency; now a lot of countries have their own form of money. In the U.S. it’s the U.S. dollar. Canada uses the Canadian dollar, Japan the yen, Mexico the peso, Russia the Russian Ruble, etc. Money has three main uses. 1) Is a medium of exchange. This eliminates barter. 2) Unit of account, this is people stating the price of things. 3) Store of wealth, this is when people save money for future uses. This is a little information about money.

A. E. – Discoverer

My last Article

In some ways it seems sad that this could be my last article. But if you look at it as a stepping stone going from one place to the next (Camp to home when I graduate) it wouldn’t be so bad. I remember my first article I wrote about homemade spotlights and then my longest article to go in the Beaver Splash: 3 pages. Articles are what I learned from and occupied my time driving to New York from Ohio. It was always pretty cool to see other people’s writing styles and how they saw things. Like Christmas last year. It was cool reading about other people’s family traditions. I think some of my most memorable articles were on river trips. Hiking trips are cool but river trips are by far the best. I remember the one campsite where there were a bunch of toads and they sang so loud that you could hardly concentrate on anything except the toads. Or when we stepped out of powwow because somebody thought they saw an oriole but it was just some trash. And so we wrote articles about it.        

S. N. – Explorer


There are a group of large swimmers known as crocodiles. They consist of Alligators, Crocodiles, Gharials and Caimans. Alligators are from Southeastern America and China, crocodiles are found in oceans, rivers, and swamps. Caiman are found in Central and South America. And Gharials are found in India. They have long slender snouts with a bulb point and it contains 160 teeth. They eat fish. They are also not aggressive. Gharials are quiet, shy and timid. Crocodiles cannot chew their food so they tear their food into smaller pieces. A crocodile can grow up to fifty sets of teeth. Crocodiles usually swallow stones to help grind up their food and so they can float in the water at a lower level.

R. M. – Discoverer


   Most flowers smell good. Some flowers smell absolutely atrocious. I love having flowers in front of the house. My Grandma likes her flower gardens.

  Flowers start as a seed, or a bulb. When spring comes they take root. To start a seed it needs water, soil, and sunlight. After taking root they shoot out of the soil. They then start leafing to get sunlight. Next they bud. Then they flower. Last they pollinate and take seed. The cycle then starts all over. Some of my favorites are lilac, hydrangea, and roses.

T. B. – Discoverer

Girls and Boys Town

  Did you know that Boys Town was and still is a private institution? The town is home to a lot of homeless, abused, neglected, disabled children of all races and religions. One good thing that I found out about the town was the fact that they had a grade school, a high school, and a career center. Boys and girls town also has a youth center and most of all an institution for kids with communication disorders.

  The history of the town was that a man named Father Flanagan started it. It first started with 5 boys. So Flanagan borrowed $90 for a house in Omaha, Nebraska. Flanagan didn’t need to help the boys. But he made a choice to help them. When more boys came, the house got crowded so Flanagan bought a 160-acre farm.

   So as time went on the farm was enlarged. Today the farm land is about 1,400 acres. Most of that is the town (900 acres). The rest is all farm land (500 acres). In 1936 boys town was incorporated as a village. And in 1979 girls were brought to the town. By 2000 the name Boys Town was changed to Girls and Boys Town. Well that is all I have.

Z. M. – Discoverer 


Where do you think basketball started? Since I’m writing and you can’t answer me I will just tell you. It was started at a college in Massachusetts, by a Canadian named James Naismith. His boss asked him to come up with a team sport they could play in the winter. He used a soccer ball because it was easy to catch. He then asked for boxes but got peach BASKETS instead. The baskets were attached to the railing at 10 feet. In December 1891 the first game was played. The game has come a long way from then, but it’s pretty much the same game.

A. E. – Discoverer

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