Families Day 2012

Memorial Day was Families Day here at camp. For those of who were here, it was a great day. Thanks to each of the boys families, every boy had parents, grandparents or another support person here to share in the excitement of life at camp. The day started a bit after 9:00 AM with a campsite tour by the boys. In campsite the boys had some activities such as skinning logs, using a cross-cut saw and a bit of food the boys cooked in cooktent for their families to experience. I have a few pix of one boys mother, (though I won’t mention any names :) ) took a turn using a cross-cut saw! The weather was great for our time at the candycane tent by Pine Pond. After a sharing time and encouragement with Chief Joe and the boys songs, we enjoyed some grilled chicken and a bunch of good desserts the boy’s families brought along. In the afternoon after the families left we went to a park and played some games, went swimming and wrote some articles about our day. For supper we enjoyed some more grilled food by Chief Amos. This time it was pork ribs! Thanks to one of the boys parents for donating the chicken and ribs we had on Families Day. Thank you Jesus for our families, they mean a lot to us!

The Explorer's sharing a song with our families

Sharing Wisdom and brotherly love

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