A tour of campsite tents…

Lower campsite tents

We have 6 tents in lower campsite. The first tent is entrance tent; that’s where we walk through to get on trail from campsite. We also hang our shower bags in there every morning. We also have our chore list and plans, goal cards, and menus in there. Second tent would be crafts tent; that’s where we have our crafts, including our fishing lines, tackle and campsite tools. We also have our kindling and shavings in there. The 3rd tent I want to talk about is wood tent. That’s where we store all our wood to keep us warm during the winter. The 4th tent I want to talk about is cook tent. In our cook tent we haveDutch ovens, frying pans, an ice chest, and a hearth to cook in. There are two days every week that we cook in it. We have a P.H. tent where we go get drinks and brush our teeth. The last tent I want to talk about is chuck tent. We have a nice table in there where we eat on our cookouts. We write our plans in there every week, too. So all our tents are here for a good purpose.
Joe – Discoverers

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