Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp
  • We seek to help boys, ages 9-15 with behavior challenges.
  • Fun activities, building, hand crafts, organization habits
  • We encourage and support families during and after camp.
  • Learning is done in many hands-on ways throughout each day.
  • Men of strong character and moral values face each day with your boy.

The Boys We Care For

If you are looking for help in guiding a 9-15 year old boy to better behavior and attitudes, this website will introduce you to an old and successful program that is rather unique in today’s world of treatment methods. 

This therapy model has helped many parents and single moms who can no longer handle growing sons who refuse to obey or respect them.  If your adopted or foster care child is having difficulty coping with their past and is acting out inappropriately toward those who have chosen to love and guide them, we may be able to help.  If you are an educator and have a boy in your class who has become unresponsive to your instruction and a hindrance to the rest of the class, this program may be what he needs. 

The Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp is a place to get assistance for those boys who seem to need more intensive care than the normal home and school environment can offer.  As a long term residential facility, we can go beyond what intermittent or short term therapies can offer.

Our Vision

Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp helps boys experiencing trouble work toward appropriate behavior through mentors in a setting that appeals to them: the out-of-doors. Our program uses natural consequences for a boy's good and unacceptable actions that immediately and directly impact him. Living in a world of instant and personal consequences within a peer group experiencing similar results of behavior has a profound effect on a boy.

The average Camp stay for a boy is 18 months. Connection to home and repairing damaged relationships is accomplished through letter writing and regular times of reuniting. Every 6 weeks the boy returns home 4 days with specific goals for improvement. The therapeutic camping program has changed very negative behaviors and habits in boys. Camp is led, supported, and staffed by the conservative Anabaptist churches of Ohio and nearby states.

State License

OWBC was licensed by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in October 2016 as a private, non-profit, therapeutic wilderness camp. We are very grateful for the 2015 legislation making it possible for us to operate as our camp program was intended - along with the state’s oversight.

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